Memories of Thorns

It bled again, did it not?
Those wounds that does not heal?
Does it hurt?
Does it burn?
Would you lie down? Let it dry? Let it clot?

Would you like a drink?
A little warmth down your throat?
A little comfort?
A little diversion?
No need to be coy! Just tell me what you think?

One less needle. One trouble less for you.
Oh, but it’ll grow back, will it not?
Slow in rebirth,
Deep in pain,
The pain will come afresh, it will come anew.

Do I hear that right? What your whispers tell me?
No! How could you? You cannot do that?
It’s blasphemy! It’s outrageous! I cannot do that!
No I cannot. I cannot!
How could you? Don’t you see?

Forgive my conniptions.

Do you feel better now?
A little to thine name?
Dear me! It brings me utter sorrow.
It’s a shame!

I must go now. Rest for a while.
All the repose you can get in this mess.
Don’t stare so! It saddens!
Oh it saddens me so much!
But I’m sorry, oh I’m so sorry. I really cannot help.
Just take it on with a smile.

And stay tangled.
Until the next time darkness calls.
May silence be your friend.


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