This is a small post as an introductory writing.


It is my observation that every person finds that one point of time in life when everything looks meaningless to her. It is at that point of momentary lull, that ephemeral banality, that slight ennui, when one likes nothing other than to just sit in the shore and look at the offing and wonder in delight at the simplest of things. And when that moment arrives, the person finally discovers that global truth:- everything in this world is connected. And as we gaze in awe in that singularity, in that cobweb of events and destinies, as that grand cosmic web  of things that we finally shake off all that is trivial. A new outlook to life is presented to us. I believe that every time we plunge in that mild procrastination, we come out wiser, with more knowledge, more experience, and in general, more things to talk about.

The Web

I wanted to make a blog, if merely for it to serve as a place where I put down to words whatever I feel, think and dream about. A void to throw in all that I could not mention in front of others, and a lot of what I could. A place in the heart of the giant spiderweb called the internet, I knew that I could shout my lungs out here, and no one would notice, unless of course, I wanted to be noticed. But it mystified me, this vastness, this greatness, this infinity and somehow I felt proud to keep my own pieces of memory in it. A little personal bubble, a minuscule space in the midst of the woods, a small time capsule in this ocean of events, a home to come back to.

I mean to use this blog for a variety of purpose, and I’d be elated if you took a look. There are picturesliterary works, and even some of my academic activities: most of which is related to statistics and probability. I’d love to check out your content too, so please feel free to present your own works to me. Let’s share and grow together.

Whether you want to go through my adventures that I dream of, or the memories that I’ve frozen in my lenses, you can always take a careless stroll through my palace. Share your thoughts, and as I keep building this place, please watch over this place.