Winter is cold this year.

As the cold dies out and Earth rouses from her enchanted sleep, we as mere mortals look back at this flurry of activities that engulfs our surroundings. However, while we eagerly await the winds of spring, I contemplate on what this peppermint winter truly meant to us.

The winter was cold. The winter was sweet. The winter was like an Ice Cream, cold but sweet. The winter is a little warm bath. It is snuggling under the mattress. It is a photo-shoot in the morning, stargazing at night, resting by the fire, talking in warm whispers. Winter is trying out sweaters and jackets. Winter is the Christmas carol, the New Year’s wishes, the festive turkey, a candlelight dinner, a burning gaze.

Winter means icicles in the trees, a frozen pond, snow in the streets, snowflakes from the sky, a snowman laughing in under his hat. Winter is throwing snowballs, watching the ants, feeding the deer, a picnic in the zoo, filming the migratory birds-of which there are many. Winter is a warm experience, if not a warm weather.

Winter had been cold this year.